My favourite school

  • In the seventh school I am not studying from the first grade. I came here 2 years ago. The guys accepted me into their team very quickly and in a friendly manner. I really fell in love with the school, many events and memories are already associated with it. It is few example from Mcessay writers, where you can buy research papers and get proffessional help from academic writers.

    School gives us the most important thing - study and communication with peers. But we do not always appreciate these things. Children do not always want to get up early in the morning. To do homework. Often they talk about how to quickly finish school. But, unfortunately, they do not understand what they want to quickly escape from. School gives us everything that a child needs during this period. She teaches us not only the sciences, but also the correct behavior, communication. When we get older and, after graduating from school, go to work or to university, we will no longer be able to ride a slide or pull a girl for a pigtail, we will be adults, serious people.

     For me personally, school is the foundation in life, without which it will be very difficult. School and the years spent in it, we should value most. In 2015, 70 years have passed since the founding of secondary school No. 7. My sister and I are studying at this school. It is hard to imagine how many graduates left the walls of the school in 70 years!

    For many students, a school is more than just a place to get a general education. After all, a person spends the most important years of his life at school. It is here that he finds true friends, is determined in the choice of his hobbies, for the first time encounters life difficulties and enjoys his first victories.

    Our school is big and bright. Teachers and technical staff are doing everything to make the classrooms beautiful and comfortable, and we help them in this: we monitor cleanliness and order. The school has a comfortable dressing room, comfortable sofas on which students love to relax. Our school bears the name of the great man Yan Bulakhov, who died in the performance of military duty.

    Great teachers teach us. Sometimes it seems to us that they are strict with us, but despite this, we love and respect them very much. After all, they are trying to teach us many things that are useful in adulthood. They are kind and wise, you can always turn to them for advice and help.I really love my school and even after many years I will remember it with warmth and gratitude.