I am just asking to make sure that it's true

  • I am just asking to make sure that it's true which you can make points down the road. They did not say you could not but they didn't state that you can. I just wanted to hear from RS gold a JMod that it's part of the plan to have that type of"continuing reward store", if you will. I am sure every component of the will be polled either way, of course. I'm not sure I follow your reasoning apologies, about that discontinued rares poll. Is there any way you can rephrase it?

    I'll vote no to this since can play and I'd rather see development resources used on something which benefits the playerbase. Fair enough about the points against this new sport mode, but to state deadman has been"horribad" is laughable. Deadman was wildly successful, it generated hype and brought a lot of attention. The finales were done badly, but that does not alter the fact that RuneScape style was fun to play and watch, even for brand new players with no knowledge of RS.So you're saying how mtx gets the skill too easy and removes the grind at which we had to spend over 100 hours for a 99, but then whine how yak trak and other events for comsmetics are excessively grindy? Did you like the way that it was so"difficult" to get 99 fishing back if sharks were the ideal xp in sport and you had to spent hundreds of hours copying the item over and over? Why folks complain so much genuinely wish to understand. It don't do it, if you do not like. I simply use my daily keys and move on. Not exactly. The problem there, as I mentioned, is that jagex stated they were going make it grindy then did the reverse. If you didn't want to grind, but hey, you can buy a bond for skips. I didn't have to do that.

    As for complaining, I did not start a thread to whine about mtx becoming widespread or OP. Never have. I answered a question posed by OP and gave my opinion which happened to be different than the individual I originally responded to. And of course you don't need to do anything. You dismiss it, whichever works for you or can complain about it all. My daily keys are used by me and don't consider mtx in any way. I could find all worked up over some fresh mtx thing, but it's a great deal easier to dismiss it and just have fun. Sure enough others get more xp with the promos than that I do, however, I don't go all out max xp so It does not bother me.

    Alot of people left over time as time goes on, and the MTX has just gotten worse. RuneScape has lost popularity and many folks left over time for OSRS aswell. Its rising together with buy RuneScape gold the corona situation nevertheless, in participant numbers and archeology being a successful update. Many despise the MTX however, the men and women who believed it ruined RuneScape already left for the most part, so its doing good. Just like everyone left since EOC killed RuneScape. Yet here we are years later? If mtx keep RuneScape alive another 10 years that's great. If RuneScape goes without mtx that is awesome too. I really don't participate in the mtx either way so it's all the exact same to me.