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  • 1.The design of the bridesmaid dress is easier than that of the bride. The dress style is between formalwear and casual dress http://www.feeltimes.com. Don't choose the long mopping floor. this is often too grand and may specialise in small dresses.

    2. Dresses should be low-key and modest, do not be too exposed, otherwise it'll grab the bride's limelight and displease the elders present.

    3. To avoid clothing that's too orthodox or too casual, you'll add fashion elements to the small print . If you're wearing a suit jacket with fashionable and trendy lace, the jacket is provided with an alternate small sling, bright, beaded, multicolored stitching, sexy tube top.

    4. The bridesmaid's skirt shouldn't be too short, so as to not run out during outdoor activities, which isn't in line with the occasion.
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feeltimes-Bridesmaid dress style