Feeltimes -What dress does the bridesmaid wear?

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  • 1. The color of the dress needs to be mainly fresh and elegant

    First of all, when choosing bridesmaid dresses, the bridesmaids must be mainly light in color. White, light blue, lilac, light pink, etc., these colors can be a good setting for the bride's wedding dress http://www.feeltimes.com. While highlighting the bridesmaid's own style, it will not steal the bride's limelight.

    2. The style of the dress needs to be simple and elegant

    The bridesmaid's dress is different from the bride's dress. Although most of the bride's wedding dresses are white, they can be innovative in style and style to highlight the unique beauty of different brides. For bridesmaids, it is best to make the bridesmaid dress simple and generous. Don't use too complicated styles to play the role of arrogance.

    3. The style of the dress needs to be consistent with the wedding theme and the couple's wear

    After all, the bridesmaid's dress is still for the entire wedding and the newcomer. Then, in the choice of the bridesmaid's dress style, it must match the newcomer's dress and form a high degree of harmony and unity with the entire wedding theme. The wedding presented in this way is an organic whole.
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Feeltimes -What dress does the bridesmaid wear?