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Important: climate change

  • August 18, 2021
    What happens where you live? They say that the weather in the world has gone crazy. I have a sister in Liverpool and she says she hasn't seen such a warm winter in years. What do you think?
  • Robinson 64
    August 18, 2021
    I believe that you are right. The climate will continue to change. Now we should constantly check the website with weather forecasts - This is the only major solution for those who live in the British Islands. However, local weather has long been surprised by the inhabitants with their volatile character.
  • Feb 2

    This same thing happens to the place where is life and it's happening two consecutive years, when I research about it I came to know that major factory of climate change is due to damaging of the ozone layer and it keeps damaging, this is happening due to us that we do not care about nature or ozone layer we keeping used thing which damage ozone layer due to which climate changing is occurring, as I'm a student of environmental science I writing a blog for this issue and doing its twitter marketing training so that it can be seen by everyone and let them know that if we do not stop doing thee thing we will face huge climate change in upcoming years and that that time we cannot do anything except regrate.